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Virtual Conference/Webinar

Paradime Concierge is our web-based Conference/Webinar Solution and platform. It provides everything you need to self-manage physical events, workshops and conferences with up to 3 active events at the same time and 10,000 attendees. However, it’s especially ideal when utilized for virtual conferences and webinars.

Our solution will help:

  • Manage your event from a web-based tool
  • Boost engagement and increase conversions
  • Automate the signup and follow up processes
  • Provide complete  attendee, speaker and sponsor tools
  • …and many more features!

We brand it with your organization’s logo and colours and piggyback it off your website, regardless of what it was built with or where it’s hosted. For example, the website address might be conference.yourdomain.com, or whatever you’d like instead of conference.

Our integrated video streaming platform supports up to 500 participants with features such as screen sharing and whiteboards, polls & surveys, call-to-action engagement, break-out rooms, chat translations, and more. Best of all, there’s no need for anyone to install any software or browser plugins. Everything works directly from within the browser.

Paradime’s Virtual Conference / Webinar Solution starts at $1,595 +HST.

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Virtual Conference & Webinar Solution

 Please call us directly to speak with a Paradime team member: 289-818-8881.