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Social Media

We know that managing your social media pages can often feel like an uphill battle. Whether it’s a lack of time or the significant effort required to produce compelling posts, doing so is constant challenge that has to be met.

The team at Paradime is here to help! The key here is organic growth. It’s no wonder why we’re quickly become the region’s engagement experts. Let us shoulder your burden and let you focus on what you do best.

Our Social Media services include:

Page/Group Management

We’ll manage your communities to ensure every new follower feels welcomed and appreciated. We moderate posts to ensure your followers feel safe to comment and contribute. After all, the goal is to organically build active, growing and engaging communities for your business or organization.

Content Creation & Posting

Many people believe they can’t generate enough ideas on their social media pages or they too busy to do so. In fact, the more pages you have, the exponentially more difficult it is to generate the uniquely formatted content they each require. After all, a post on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will need to be unique in their presentation format. Even their use of hashtags serve different purposes. A hashtag on Facebook functions very different from those on Twitter or Instagram.

With Paradime, the lack of ideas or content is never an issue. We’ll work with you to publish engaging content for an entire calendar year. Our efforts are assisted by AI-based software and machine learning to determine what buzz is on social media and leverage them into an automated posting schedule. Best of all, the content is uniquely formatted to take advantage of the specific social media pages they are posted on.

Did you know that February 17th is National Random Acts of Kindness Day? Ask your followers to share their stories and experiences.

On April 20th’s National Look Alike Day, you can ask people to post which famous figure or celebrity they think they look alike.

Who can resist posting a selfie on June 21st when it’s National Selfie Day?

Each month has at least a dozen “national days” that can be referenced, regardless of your business. In fact, we’ll source the days and events that are ideal for you. This potential for content generation doesn’t even include your own events, sales and notices that Paradime can best leverage on your behalf.

Where we’re also different from our competitors is our extensive utilization of analytics and AI-based tools to determine the optimal post time for maximum exposure. Paradime can even syndicate all your “greatest hits” and re-post across all your social media pages and website at the appropriate date and time.

Campaigns & Contests

Looking at running marketing campaigns or contests on your social media pages? Paradime’s team can help you navigate the complexities to ensure contests are fun, exciting and engaging yet run fairly and viewed above-board. We’ll manage the technical issues such as fraud prevention, submission approval via mobile, branding, double opt-in, split testing, and the ability for contestants to enter and vote in the same time period.

Best of all, since we’re very much an analytics company, we’ll provide complete metrics on their success and return on investment (ROI). For example, you’ll see which of your specific posts and networks generate the most leads, engagement and revenue.

Promoted Posts

Facebook Promoted Posts, as an example, is more that just taking a post and promoting it. While our competitors might only focus on engagement, we understand that engagement has to lead somewhere other than getting Likes, Comments or Shares.

We know the point of all this is to help attract clients that generate sales revenue and this is where we’re different. Paradime purposefully crafts Promoted Posts that are optimized specifically for sales.

Email Marketing

Isn’t it so ironic that the one aspect people complain most about their business is the amount of spam they receive? Yet, marketers are pushing you to produce email campaigns as an effective promotion tool. How does this make sense?

The fact is, Paradime is a marketing, advertising and Internet agency with 25 years of direct industry experience and award-winning team members. We understand the difference between email marketing and spam. It’s an extremely difficult balancing act that most people, even the “professionals” will get wrong. It’s also why it’s so important to ensure you get it right.

If your email campaigns are flagged as spam, it could have adverse effects on your business. Your email account could be suspended. Your email address and website domain could be blacklisted. Emails you send to businesses that you have an existing relationship with will all of a sudden fail to be delivered.

Before you embark on any email marketing campaign, please consult with our team first. Let’s do it right the first time around.

Social Media & Engagement Services

 Please call us directly to speak with a Paradime team member: 289-818-8881.