Paradime is an authorized Shopify Partner and Digital Main Street Vendor.

Over 1.7 million businesses in 175 countries around the world have chosen Shopify to power their online stores. It’s the perfect e-commerce solution for retailers who would rather focus on their business instead of dealing with all the tech.

Paradime is leveraging our 25+ years of experience to ensure your Shopify store is engaging, effective and stands above the crowd.

If you don’t have an online component for your retail business, today is the perfect day to get started…and we’ll help you every step of the way.

With Shopify, you no longer need to deal with the typical merchant pain-points or friction.

We know Shopify can be expensive. Their designs tend to be cookie-cutter and not always attractive. A standard Shopify site might lack the unique features you need and adding them using Shopify Apps can add baffling cost increases.

While all these criticisms are valid, Paradime has the perfect solution! We’re building hybrid e-commerce websites with Shopify Starter, which is only $5/month vs. $29/month for Shopify Basic.

We start by working with you to create the beautiful design that you want. We incorporate all the features and functionality that you need. Then, we perform all the heavy-lifting with the Shopify setup and help populate your content, pictures, product pages, shipping profiles, discount codes, etc.

One of the best features with Shopify Starter is Shopify Payments, which offers fraud analysis and protection. After all, Shopify is a brand that will significantly increase your customer confidence.

JuleRee Designs
JuleRee Designs

JuleRee Designs is a Paradime Splash website that’s powered by Shopify.

What is Paradime Splash for Shopify?

Paradime Splash for Shopify is a high-impact website solution that’s perfect for any retailer or e-commerce business. It’s also the ideal place to host your Shopify Starter store.

We host on Amazon EC2 with Amazon S3 for storage and use Bunny CDN for our Content Delivery Network (CDN). This ensures the best speeds from literally all over the world.

Don’t get trapped into costly fees with Wix, Square Space, Weebly, etc. If you ever decide to leave them, you’ll lose everything. Fortunately, there’s no lock-in with Paradime Splash.

From a few pages to a fully-featured e-commerce website, Paradime Splash for Shopify starts at only $1,500 and $120/year +HST for hosting in addition to your Shopify fees.

Take your business to new heights with the expertise Paradime provides. Let’s get started today.

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