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Sales Funnels

Paradime has launched a low-cost, high-impact Sales Funnel solution. It’s perfect for entrepreneurs, small businesses, public speakers, business coaches, and book authors on a limited budget who want a highly-targeted solution.

A Sale Funnel is a single page website optimized specifically to sell a specific product or service with the least amount of friction. It then provide up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. For example, tickets to an event might include a group session meeting after the even as an up-sell. A cross-sell might provide the option to buy a book.

We’ll work with you to select a design that’s perfect for your business, drop in your logo and images and tweak it all to match your branding and style. We do all the heavy-lifting, such as content population and setting up the payment system (PayPal or Stripe). We’ll get your new site live quickly; often within a week!

With Paradime, you’ve got room to grow as your business grows. We can expand your Sales Funnel to a full website and add additional functionality for a one-time nominal fee.

Get your website working for you! A single page Sales Funnel website with 36 months (3 years) of Premium Managed Hosting from Paradime starts at $1,595 +HST.