Rapid Design Websites

“Putting All The Pieces Together.”

Paradime is proud to introduce our new Rapid Design methodology. It ensures that your website is built quickly and can go live usually within a week. Yes, we’re looking a start to finish within 7-14 days for a custom designed WordPress website!

With Paradime Rapid Design, we have a Premium and Plus option for our no-compromise website solution. With Premium, you supply all the content, including text and image. However, Paradime will perform any image editing required as well as provide images for header and banner sections. With Plus, we’ll leverage our Content SEO services. You supply the basic information and Paradime’s team will write the content and source out images and video.

To ensure your websites is completed quickly, we have a very specific workflow. We provide a creative brief document that needs to be filled in for us to create the design you want. We provide you with a checklist of elements that we’ll need. You’ll be given access to a secured folder specifically for your site where you can upload your files, text, images, etc. As these elements are provided, the checklist is updated to reflect what’s still missing. Once all the requirements on the checklist are met, we begin work on your website and complete it within the 7-14 day window.

Get your website working for you! A Rapid Design websites with 36 months (3 years) of Premium Managed Hosting with Paradime start at $3,395 +HST. Please take a look at our Projects page to see a select sample of the work we’ve done.