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Premium Websites

The team at Paradime creates professional websites tailored to your business and industry. We do the work necessary to design and build effective sites that help meet your business objectives. These might include attracting new clients, increasing sales, and decreasing operating costs.

We’re award-winning professionals in advertising, marketing, graphic design, and website design with 25 years of direct industry experience. We build world-class web sites at down-to-earth-prices! Best of all, we’re here to earn your business. Your success is our success. We’ll help you achieve your goals. See why small business owners, corporations and organizations across the region are choosing us to get their web site done right! Get your website working for you!

Paradime’s core philosophy is based on 4 pillars:

Engagement: Creating content in a way that’s engaging, easy to find, consume and reference. Our goal is to help you produce, organize and manage content that covers a variety of media including text, pictures, video, and audio to create full engagement opportunities.

Responsive/Mobile Design: Ensuring that regardless of the type of device that is used to access the website, design, functionality and usability is never compromised.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Getting found on search engines, such as Google, using organic methods and without the need for paid ads is critical to a site’s ultimate success.

Security: In this day and age of hacking, website security has become a pinnacle requirement, yet it is an area overlooked by many of our peers. Paradime employs significant resources to ensure that our client websites are never hacked or compromised.

Paradime’s design process is extremely collaborative. We do not provide 3 mock-ups and ask you to pick the one you like. We start with a questionnaire, combined with an analysis process to create a design that is live and can be actively monitored.

As such, there is no set number of revisions allowable, within reason. Revisions are made on-demand until the desired design and functionality is finalized.

This is made possible due to Paradime’s use of Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools that are, essentially, drag and drop. Changes to a site’s design, layout and structure can take hours instead of days of development time.

Paradime’s development tools are optimized to be metrics-based. In other words, your site is able to continuously produce data that enables meaningful and quantifiable design and content decisions. Since the layout and page builder tools are drag and drop, it is both quick and easy to make adjustments on-demand.

Once the design is finalized, Paradime will beta test on a development server where various debugging tools will be employed. This can be utilized to gather data and feedback on the design, usability and organization of the site. It will also assist in gathering performance data to help optimize the site once it is launched.

It should be noted that Paradime’s development and content workflow are performed concurrently. The production of the design, the framework and programming development and content population are performed independently and eventually converge to a completed website.

Once the site reaches final approval, it is moved onto the live server where additional optimizations are performed and security tools are enabled.

A custom-designed, fully-featured website from Paradime starts at $3,595 +HST and $5,595 +HST for e-commerce functionality.

Take a look at our Projects page to see a select sample of the work we’ve done.

Paradime Premium Website

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