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Site Maintenance

If your website is not hosted by Paradime, that’s ok. We have a number of clients that are using GoDaddy, Digital Ocean. WP Engine, and many other providers. They might offer a number of services but what they don’t seem to do are the day-to-day maintenance and updates required to keep your site performing optimally and secure.

After all, your vehicle requires regular maintenance; even something as simple as an oil change. Your computer,  smartphones and apps receive updates quite often, that should be performed.

What are the risks in not performance regular maintenance? If you don’t change the oil in your vehicle, the engine will seize and be severely damaged. If you don’t update your computer or smartphone, it could be hacked. If you don’t update your apps, you could be missing out on new features and bug fixes.

Your WordPress site, theme and plugins are no different. Updates need to be applied when made available. However, there are many people who feel  uncomfortable performing these updates. In rare instances, an update could break your website, especially if you’ve waited too long to apply the updates.

Paradime provides WordPress update, backup and maintenance services. We’ll ensure that all backups are completed before updates are performed.

Best of all, if an update breaks your site, we’ll ensure the issues are corrected and your site is made operational. This, alone, is worth the cost since fixing a broke website could run into the hundreds of dollars.

Paradime offers two packages:

Standard Site Maintenance
– Site Backup at Update
– Monthly WordPress System Update
– Monthly WordPress Theme Update
– Monthly WordPress Plugin Update
$240/year +HST

Premium Site Maintenance
– Site Backup at Update, Weekly and Monthly
– Weekly WordPress System Update
– Weekly WordPress Theme Update
– Weekly WordPress Plugin Update
– Malware/Virus Scanning & Removal
$480/year +HST

Paradime Site Maintenance

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