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Paradime operates and maintains several Canadian-based high-performance servers located in Quebec-based “green” data centres. This ensures maximum performance, security and redundancy.

Paradime SSL Hosting is a 1-year commitment with discounts for yearly prepayment.

Premium Standard
– 1 GB SSD Storage
– Unlimited Bandwidth
$25/month + HST

Premium Pro
– 2 GB SSD Storage
– Unlimited Bandwidth
$35/month + HST

Premium Enterprise
– 3 GB SSD Storage
– Unlimited Bandwidth
$50/month + HST
Hosting & Content Agreement
– Basic Content Maintenance Support Agreement
– Multisite Hosting (Up to 3 sites)
– 3 GB SSD Storage
– Unlimited Bandwidth
$100/month + HST

Paradime’s Key Hosting Advantage:

Security is paramount: SSL certificates are included by default. We also implement a number of security protocols and software to ensure your site is never hacked. Each client site is in a virtual “silo” to ensure that any failure has no affect on any other hosted site. With our competitors, a hacked site could mean the entire server is compromised including all the sites on that server.

We do not oversell our servers: Paradime will have no more 50 sites per server while our competitors stuff several hundreds of sites on a single server.

We do not overload our servers: We load-balance our servers to ensure high availability for all our clients. With our competitors, a high traffic site on a server you share could dramatically slow down your site.

Paradime’s Premium/Pro Plugin Advantage: When choosing Paradime as your hosting provider, your site will be built using the premium and pro versions of plugins. Some examples include Gravity Forms, NextGen Gallery Plus/Pro, Connections Pro, WP Google Maps, WP Live Chat, and many others. We maintain all licenses as part of your Paradime Hosting fees.