Why Host with Paradime?

“We Always Strive To Earn Your Business.”

There are so many website hosting companies out there; all with varying prices. We know it’s a tough choice to pick one. For many years, we’ve been hosting-agnostic. In other words, we weren’t particular who our clients hosted with. Well, our position changed for a number of reasons.

The difference between hosting with a bulk provider and Paradime is in what we provide our clients: service, support and security. Those all add up to peace-of-mind.

With bulk hosting companies, you’re pretty much on your own. That’s why it’s so cheap. They provide little to no support. If your site goes down, all they do is ensure their servers are running and that’s it. The rest is up to you. If your site is hacked, for example, they just delete it and it’s up to you to restore your site. They also tend to overload their servers with too many sites. If a site on same server as you is hacked, all the sites on that server, including yours, could be compromised.

Yes, our hosting prices are certainly more expensive than bulk hosting companies but when you consider the value we provide, we’re actually less expensive. It’s true: you get what you pay for. However, when you compare our fees to some of the other premium hosting providers, we’re extremely competitive. Also, since we’re a Canadian company with servers in Canada, we charge in Canadian dollars. When you factor in the fluctuations in the dollar lately, you’re paying much more today for US hosting than you were even a year ago.

Paradime’s Key Hosting Advantage:

Security is paramount: SSL certificates are included by default. We also implement a number of security protocols and software to ensure your site is never hacked. Each client site is in a virtual “silo” to ensure that any failure has no affect on any other hosted site. With our competitors, a hacked site could mean the entire server is compromised including all the sites on that server.

We do not oversell our servers: Paradime will have no more 100 sites per server while our competitors stuff several hundreds of sites on a single server. We also balance our servers to ensure high availability for all our clients. With our competitors, a high traffic site on a server you share could dramatically slow down your site.

Paradime’s Premium/Pro Advantage: When choosing Paradime as your hosting provider, your site will be built using the premium and pro versions of the applicable theme and plugins. Some examples include Connections Pro, Essential Addons Pro, Gravity Forms Elite, HappyFiles, Qubely Pro, SEOPress Pro, WP Modula Pro, WP Google Maps, etc. We maintain all licenses as part of your Paradime Hosting fees.

Server Updates: All the software running our servers, including the operating system, are updated on a weekly basis

Critical WordPress Updates: All critical updates available are applied each week. If an update “breaks” the site, Paradime’s programmer will affect repairs immediately.

Delta Site Backups: What’s changed on your site from one week to another is backed up.

WordPress, Theme and Plugin Updates: All updates available are applied within 30 days of release. If an update “breaks” the site, Paradime’s programmer will affect repairs immediately.

Full Site Backups: Your entire site is completely backup up on a monthly basis.

To summarize, Paradime’s hosting is a full-service, premium solution, based in Canada that is extremely price competitive.

Let Paradime be your complete solution provider! We’ll register your domain, create your web site, hosting your site, and provide continued support as well as an optional content and maintenance service that best suits your needs and budget.

As a Paradime client, you’re a name, not a customer number.