Digital Main Street

The Digital Main Street grant of $2,500 from the Government of Ontario for BIA and DBA member businesses will assist with the development of your website, social media and digital marketing strategies.

The Government of Ontario has expanded their Digital Main Street grant funding from Toronto to across the Province.

In the Ottawa Valley, many BIAs, DBAs and Chamber of Commerce have entrusted Paradime to design, build, host, and maintain their websites. With Paradime’s award-winning team and over 25 years of direct industry experience, we’re in a unique position to assist you with the Digital Main Street program.

Paradime is an official Digital Main Street vendor.

We’ll work with you to ensure you obtain the full $2,500 grant and then maximum the utilization of those funds. That means a stunning website and engaging social media presence.

Only Paradime offers solutions like our Content SEO and Video Content Services at cost-effective rates. This ensures that we organically increase your traffic and social media engagement and, by extension, grow your business.

Organic growth is very important for true, long-lasting success. Many businesses have traditionally relied on AdWords or other types of page-rank advertising. However, this is a double-edge sword. It works for short-term traffic gains but the quality of the traffic tends to be suspect or unqualified. You’re buying views and likes from people who will never be your client. The worse part is, once you discontinue the campaigns, both your traffic and page-rank will drop, often dramatically.

This is why Paradime’s approach differs from our competitors including traditional media companies, such as newspapers. They’ve always been about “buy eyeballs” using a shotgun approach. Today, as their business model has collapsed, they’re using the same tactics but applying it to digital, which doesn’t work.

The modern strategies that Paradime and other modern agencies employ are about organic reach and growth, which is much more effective and significantly lower in cost and ROI.

We encourage all BIA and DBA-based businesses to apply for the Digital Main Street grant and we hope you choose Paradime to help you through the process.

Digital Main Street Grant

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