“Down The Street Or Around The World.”

No Obligation Initial Consultation

Thank-you for choosing Paradime, your reliable, long-term partner! Our clients have entrusted us to make the right decisions and provide solutions at a fair price.

Our goal is to earn your business and make no compromises in what we deliver. Whether you’re down the street or around the world, we make it easy to connect with us in a meaningful way.

While Paradime is based in Markham, Ontario, our team is global. We’ve virtualized our business and operate as a distributed workforce. We don’t have a centralized or physical location, like we use to in the past.

One of the advantages of our diversity is that we’re a company that never sleeps. At least one team member, somewhere in the world, is awake and working for you. When others are closed, we’re very much open for business.

Let’s take your business to new heights with the professionalism that Paradime provides. Give us a call to grow your business today.

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