Concierge Story

“Connecting with the People Around You.”

Stories have become popularized by social media sites, such as Instagram. Businesses have been embracing the simplicity, yet effectiveness, of the Story approach to help build a more connecting web presence.

At Paradime, we created a multi-page Story tool that can be added to your existing website. We call it Concierge Story.

Just choose a design we can start with as a reference point and send us your content. We do all the heavy lifting. We’ll assemble it all into an awesome Story that’s designed with a swipeable, mobile-first approach. We’ll then add it your website, usually within the same business day.

Your Story can include almost any content you’d like including audio, video, call to action buttons, slideshow, gallery, etc. It’s also optimized for mobile visitors, just like on social media.

Concierge Pop
Click here for our demo website: story.paradime.com

Get your website working for you! Concierge Story starts at $100 +HST per story. Let’s take your business to new heights with the professionalism that Paradime provides. Call today to start growing your business.