Concierge Splash

“You Can Have It All.”

Businesses today are emerging with limited budgets and the need for a more engaging web presence that really pops. At Paradime, we’re listening and proud to introduce a high-impact, low-cost single page website called Concierge Splash.

As they say, less is more. A well-designed landing page is more than enough for many small businesses, entrepreneurs, public speakers, coaches, and authors. Even still, we don’t compromise on features, performance and, least of all, design.

Release your creativity and let us do all the heavy lifting! Concierge has hundreds of beautifully designed content blocks, over 150 stunning page layouts and 45 effective popups optimized for client conversion. This ensures that the design in your head is what we get on screen.

Paradime Concierge

The idea behind Concierge is that it becomes the central hub of your web presence. You direct people to your Concierge-based landing page and provide the essential information about you and your business. This approach is ideal for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to ensure your domain stays at the top of searches. From there, visitors can be directed to your Facebook (page, group, and marketplace), Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok channel.

Paradime Concierge FAQ:

Q: Is Concierge based on WordPress?

A: Concierge is a highly-optimized website builder that’s powered by a robust drag and drop Content Management System (CMS). As such, you get all the benefits of WordPress without the overhead or complexity.

Q: Are you really limited to a single page?

A: Concierge Splash is an ideal tool for building landing pages. You can certainly add more pages, such as a separate About Us and Contact page. However, if you do require a website with more pages, we highly recommend Concierge Plus or one of our WordPress-based options.

Q: How does Concierge compare to Wix, Square Space and others?

A: We introduced Concierge to directly compete from a cost, performance and design perspective. In fact, one of the key advantages of Concierge is that if you ever decide to leave or pause your website, you can take a copy with you. For a very small fee, we can take your Concierge landing page and transform it into a WordPress website.

With Wix, you’re locked to their platform. If you decide to leave, you will lose your website and all the hard work you put into creating it.

Q: Isn’t Wix cheaper?

A: Wix is actually more expensive. Our hosting has no bandwidth limits. An unlimited bandwidth hosting package with Wix is US$14/month, which is roughly CA$17 and more expensive than Concierge.

Q: Can I login and make changes to my Concierge landing page?

A: Yes, absolutely! However, as the name Concierge implies, we’d be happy to take care of changes for you within reasonable limits.

Q: Can I add PayPal payment buttons or a Shopify Buy Button?

Q: Yes, absolutely and we’ll help you with the process. Concierge is an ideal friction-free sales funnel and enabling quick purchases. However, this shouldn’t be considered an alternative to a full e-commerce site.

Q: Can I add my Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel code?

A: Yes, we’ll do that for you before we launch.

Q: Can I embed 3rd party tools like a chatbot or a JotForm?

A: Yes, absolutely! We’ll work with you to embed whatever 3rd party code you’d like.

Q: Is it fast? How’s the performance?

A: We host Concierge on Amazon EC2 with Amazon S3 for storage. We also use Bunny CDN for our Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure the best performance and speeds from literally all over the world. In fact, Concierge will outperform standard WordPress websites.

Get your website working for you! Concierge Splash starts at $650 +HST and includes 12 months of hosting. After the first year, hosting is only $15/month +HST. Let’s take your business to new heights with the professionalism that Paradime provides. Call today to start growing your business.