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Business Cloud

Paradime’s Business Cloud is your organization’s one-stop, turn-key solution for all your cloud-based services. Our solution can replace your Office 365, Slack and Dropbox accounts and provide the combined functionality in a single, unified space. There are no limits or extra fees for the number of users, etc.

You can run the following applications directly from your browser:

  • Online Office Suite (LibreOffice-based)
  • Document Storage
  • Photo Gallery & Storage
  • Contacts & Calendar
  • Project Management (Kanban Boards)
  • Mind Map Editor
  • Live Collaboration & Member Circles
  • Live Video Conferencing & Text Chat
  • …and many more features!

Business Cloud is set up on your own regional Virtual Private Server (VPS) with a static IP address, 80 GB of server storage, which be extended, and features Google Drive integration.

You can start a Live Video Conference & Text Chat and invite people to participate easily by sharing a website link. You won’t need to install any apps or plugins…it works right from your browser.

We brand it with your organization’s logo and colours and piggyback it off your website, regardless of what it was built with or where it’s hosted. For example, the website address might be, or whatever you’d like instead of cloud.

There is no setup fee and you pay a flat rate of $100/month +HST with a 12 month commitment. Paradime performs all the system updates and backups each month.

This page is still under development. We hope to have it completed in the up and coming weeks.

Paradime Business Cloud

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