Streaming Media

Broadcast yourself to the world! People all over the world are using YouTube, MySpace, podcasting, and livecasting to get their message out. Internet-based “channels” enable you to syndicate your own on-line TV or radio show, lectures, tutorials, distance learning, keynote address, speeches, anything you decide to produce.

If you’re already a content producer, creating a web-based broadcast is a great way to expose your content to a whole new, wider audience. You can provide supplementary content otherwise not available through traditional media venues. For example, a newspaper can use podcasts to extend a feature article. Local TV programming can use YouTube to create an on-line TV station and provide behind-the-scene segments, content and interviews that just didn’t make it into the show’s time format.

Best of all, complete statistics on viewership and traffic is available in ways traditional media doesn’t currently have access to.

In October 2014, Paradime was asked to provide a live streaming solution for the All Candidates Meeting for the Town of Carleton Place. Some of the challenges included limited bandwidth, which affected the quality of the video, as well as poor camera positioning assigned to us. Regardless, the streaming was considered an overwhelming success. In a town of 10,000 people, there were over 800 views (and counting) of the live stream. That’s more than the amount of people who attended the All Candidates Meeting in person.

There are many who can benefit from this move to web-based videos and streaming solutions. For more information on how we can help you produce professional video content, please contact us.