Need some professional advice? Need an extra pair of hands? We offer a number of consulting services ranging from copywriter to project management.

Our goal is to understand your business then help move it forward by providing the right advice from those who are industry experts. We’re team players who can seamlessly integrate into your workflow and work hand-in-hand with your staff.

Best of all, our consultants are proven experts in their field and, in many cases, award-winning professionals.

In 2013, the Town of Carleton Place, just outside Ottawa, awarded Paradime the contract to develop and help implement a Digital Marketing Strategy to help support their new Economic Development web site. Paradime successfully completed the contract and met all the requirements to the RFQ perfectly.

In 2000, Paradime’s Business Strategist Michael E. Cimilyan was contracted by Hungry Minds, Inc. (now John Wiley & Sons) as a technical editor and contributing author for a programming book entitled: “Wireless Application Protocol Programming” by Hamad Rashid.

Michael was hired because of his early, ground-breaking work in early Mobile Internet technology. At the time, Michael was an authorized WAP developer with Motorola, Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, and OpenWave.