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Gallery Plugin Alert (Updated)

WordPress runs off a system called PHP. At Paradime, we are extremely diligent in always maintaining our servers to the latest versions of software. However, it appears that the NextGen Gallery plugin that we use on a number of site has failed due to a bug within PHP. Therefore, the Gallery module is no longer functional.

We have two choices:

1) Downgrade our servers to the previous version of PHP. The risk is that older versions tend to have other bugs and security issues.

2) Wait for PHP to be updated. This is what we’ve decided to do as an update has been promised within days. In fact, the bug has been patched but the fix has yet to be distributed om official update channels. This is what we’re waiting for.

We apologize for issue and will apply the update as soon as it’s made available and we appreciate your patience.

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An update has now been provided and we are working at restoring the galleries across our client sites.