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Paradime launches Concierge!

Concierge is our no compromise one-page web site solution. It’s perfect for small businesses, retail stores and eateries that don’t need a full site but must have a professional web presence to attract clients.

It’s never been so easy and inexpensive to get a modern, mobile-friendly web site. We’ll have your site running within a morning or afternoon. As with any of our clients, we’re here to serve you and take care of your needs.

Concierge is only a one-time payment of $500 and $120/year for your hosting, e-mail and your .com domain (other domains available) + applicable taxes. We’ll register your domain name (based on availability) and your own personalized e-mail address based on your chosen domain.

Take a look at our example site to see what we can do for you:

Concierge is super fast because it’s HTML. However, we’ve added editable regions so you can login and make changes yourself, such as your operating hours.

Paradime Concierge

Contact us to get your new Concierge web site today!