Monthly Archives February 2015

CROW site redeveloped!

Paradime worked with Crummy Media to redevelop the web site for Smiths Falls-based Children’s Resources on Wheels (CROW). Although the design didn’t change too much, the key objective was to take their existing WordPress site and re-create it using a modern framework. Additional tweaks were performed to the various pages, navigation and layouts.


CP BIA redesigned!

Paradime was chosen to design and develop a redesigned web site for the Carleton Place Business Improvement Association (BIA). Currently, the site is operating as a “soft-launch” while new features and functionality are added and gradually rolled out.

The new site offers a multitude of new features and functionality including a significantly enhanced business directory. The site is hosted by Paradime where we also provide maintenance services to the BIA.

Price increases for 2015.

It’s been an interesting year thus far with falling oil and gas prices. To many, that’s a welcomed relief. However, another consequence has been the a fall in the value of the Canadian dollar. Exporters are certainly happy as it makes their products more competitive. Many importers, on the other hand, are being forced to increase their prices.

Since many web services are priced in US dollars, the increase to our costs have been between 20% and 25%. As such, Paradime has been forced to increase some of our prices accordingly. Increases have affected domain registration, renewals and transfers as well as some costs related to our hosting services.

People who do business directly with US domain or hosting providers might say that their fees haven’t increased. Obviously, the increase isn’t visible until the conversion from US to Canadian dollars is performed by, for example, your credit card company.

When you do see increases in domain and hosting fees on your current and future invoices, please understand that it’s something we must do. For example, we’ve increased .com domain costs from $15/year to $20/year. Hosting fees have also increase for a number of our clients as have our costs for providing premium e-mails.

If you have any comments or question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.