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Why host with Paradime?

There are so many hosting companies out there; all with varying prices. We know it’s a tough choice to pick one. The difference between hosting with a bulk provider and Paradime is in what we provide our clients: service, support and security. Those all add up to peace-of-mind.

With bulk hosting companies, you’re very much on your own. That’s why it’s so cheap. They provide little to no support. If your site goes down, all they do is ensure their servers are running and that’s it. The rest is up to you. If your site is hacked, for example, they just delete it and restore the site from backups, if available. Otherwise, you’re on your own to restore the site. This doesn’t prevent the site from being hacked again.

One of the biggest problems with bulk hosting is over-selling per server. In other words, your site is on a server with hundreds of other sites. That means slow performance. If anyone of those sites have a spike in traffic, that affects your site’s performance. If one of those sites crashes the server, that could bring your site down. Another problem with bulk hosting is that if someone on the same server as you is sending out spam and is blocked, your e-mail would also be blocked since spam blocking is done based on the whole server via IP address.

This is why we’re encouraging our clients to host with us. We see way too much down time with some of the biggest and well known US-based bulk hosting providers.

At Paradime, we’ve been extremely successful in avoid down time or outages. We use a number of software applications that monitors your site and blocks viruses, malware and hacking attempts. Therefore, your site is truly being cared for and safe. We’re proactive instead of reactive.

We have between 25 to 50 sites per server vs. hundreds of sites per server with bulk hosting.

We’re very selective on who goes on our servers to ensure that the other sites on the same server as you are good neighbours. We also “load-balance” servers so high traffic sites aren’t all bunched together.

We back up your site automatically. Full backups monthly and delta backups weekly. We do weekly checks on system and plugin updates and perform those updates.

Another difference between Paradime and bulk hosting companies: when an update breaks your site, which does happen, they don’t fix it or if they do, they’re charging you an hourly rate. If that happens even once a year, it could easily wipe out any cost savings in choosing them. At Paradime, we ensure updates are properly applied and if it does break your site, we fix it at no cost.

When you do call us, you’re speaking with someone you know. You’re not just a customer number talking to someone at a call centre. You’re speaking with the people who actually worked on and created your web site in the first place.

Yes, our hosting prices are certainly more expensive than bulk hosting companies but when you consider the value we provide, we’re actually less expensive. It’s true: you get what you pay for. However, when you compare our fees to some of the other premium WordPress hosting providers, we’re extremely competitive. Also, since we’re a Canadian company with servers in Canada, we charge in Canadian dollars. When you factor in the fluctuations in the dollar lately, you’re paying much more today for US hosting than you were even a year ago.

To summarize, Paradime’s hosting and e-mail service is a full-service, premium solution, based in Canada that is extremely price competitive.

Let Paradime be your complete solution provider! We’ll register your domain, create your web site, hosting your site, and provide continued support as well as an optional content and maintenance service that best suits your needs and budget.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

CropTouring launches!

Paradime has launched an ambitious web site for CropTouring! The site enables visitors easily browse an interactive map to locate farmers’ markets, fresh produce, meats, fish, honey, and other food providers across Ontario.


Valley Granite & Tile launches!

The team at Paradime is proud to have designed and produced a redesigned web site for Valley Granite & Tile! With locations in Carleton Place, ON and Arnprior, ON, Valley Granite & Tile is your trusted source for granite, marble, quartz, and stone products.

Valley Granite and Tile