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McIntosh Homes launches!

Paradime is thrilled to have soft-launched a brand new web site for McIntosh Homes. The site features a stunning design that’s dynamic and fully responsive. It also features in-depth photo galleries to showcase their quality homes.


Still running Windows XP? We can help!

Are you still running Windows XP? Microsoft ends official support on April 8, 2014…tomorrow.

Paradime is providing businesses with consultation on what to do next. Our expert team and A+ certified staff will analyze your particular situation and develop an upgrade strategy. Whether that’s upgrading your current computers to a newer version of Windows, such as Windows 8, converting to Linux or purchasing new computers with Windows 7 or 8, we’ll help you make the right decision.

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

In the Ottawa region: (613) 434-4343.

In Toronto and the GTA: (289) 818-8881.

You can also reach us toll-free: (855) 353-2168.